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See, this narcist page is dedicated for those who dares to take my picture..

The Big Mouth

In the 5th BIC Anniversary

Up to the Mountain

Gunung Putri Ride 2007


All of the Baskoros were inside this jumping machine.

Men in Black

Blazerians waiting for their fellow to jump

Who's The Biggest?

Me, Andy Karamoy and Barry Abdul

The Speech

Welcoming New Blazerians Touring - Lembang 2008

Amateur Papparazzi

Hei, Smile Like Me Laah..

A Landie To Go

They forced me to go to Iraq!

Fikri Jufri The Press Guy

It was a good time when I was still in The Jakarta Post

Fuad Hasan

He's the only well-dressed amongst the tribe


He succeeded Fuad Hasan

Shorinji Kempo

Guys, do you really want to to this?

The ITS President

He's my school head master

Mr Clean

Sarwono Kusumaatmaja denied my idea and kept on eating

The Masters of 1993

MM-UI Class of 93

Tungky Ariwibowo

He was a nice man though

It was HOT!

You could see that the hair is melted


The place that I'm always longing for

Me & Wife

Perfect isn't it?


Me, Wife, Falah and Gatra


Me, Putri, Wife and Falah

The Flood

The 2005 flood surrounding my home

Complete Set

Kediri 2004 on Lebaran day

Formal One

Complete Set in 2006

The Waloejos

Which one is me?


Gatra and Falah

First Owned House

The minimalist design was superb. You could see everybody within the house. Falah was not available (we didn't have room for him) yet.

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